pixel AsbestGuard - encapsulating against asbestos
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24 Jan 2015

AsbestGuard - encapsulating against asbestos

Tubes with asbest Tubes with asbest

AsbestGuard is a suitable functional coating for encapsulation or sealing of asbestos that can not be removed due to structural conditions. It is recommended for indoor use as a treatment for asbestos-cement or concrete surfaces sprayed asbestos, acoustic insulation panels and vent pipes. The coating may also be used for bonding fibers remaining after removal of asbestos or as a primer before applying other paints for example in the ventilation ducts.

The advantages of the asbestos encapsulation system

Strengthens the technical properties of asbestos
Loose fibers binds effectively
Insulation and acoustic damping
Nonflammable, fire protection class A2
Reduces movement structures.

AsbestGuard is a water based material and easily applied by airless spray, brush or roller.

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